4 Benefits of Spring AC Maintenance in Loma Rica, CA

If you live in Loma Rica, CA, you’ll use your air conditioner around the clock during the summer. With that in mind, springtime is the perfect opportunity to schedule an AC maintenance visit. Tuneups help your air conditioner run efficiently, reduce your monthly expenses and protect your warranty.

Fewer AC Repairs Each Year

No AC system runs perfectly all the time, but you can cut down on air conditioner repairs during the year with a well-maintained system. During an AC tuneup, the service technician will look at all the electrical connections, refrigerant lines and other moving components to ensure that everything’s in working order. Identifying problems before they turn into something more significant protects your system’s functionality and efficiency.

Greater Cooling Efficiency

By addressing things like dirt buildup, out-of-balance fan blades, loose wiring and uncalibrated thermostat sensors, maintenance helps maintain an AC system’s efficiency. It’ll waste less energy in doing its job, allowing you to save on your monthly cooling bills.

Longer Air Conditioner Lifespan

When the air is flowing smoothly and the components in your AC system aren’t subject to overheating, the entire air conditioner will last longer. With yearly AC maintenance, air conditioners can run from anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on your system.

Warranty Protection

If you have a warranty, remember that the manufacturer can choose not to honor it if the trouble with your AC system is the result of negligence. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, gives manufacturers no reason to do so. Having proof of maintenance keeps your warranty active, ensuring that you don’t assume financial responsibility for future repairs and replacement parts.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of an annual air conditioner tuneup. Beaver Heating & Air Inc. is ready to schedule your AC maintenance appointment in Loma Rica, CA, so call us today.

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