5 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning in Yuba City, CA

Your home in Yuba City, CA, should be a place of comfort, but that might not happen if your HVAC ducts are dirty. Even healthy household members might get impacted when your ductwork has dust, pollen and other particulates. Here are signs to look for that signal you need to schedule a duct cleaning:

Dust Everywhere

Even a clean home will have dust that needs cleaning regularly, but you might notice you’re doing it much more often. If flat surfaces in your home gather dust quickly after you clean and your HVAC filters clog quickly, you might have dust building up inside your ducts. Check your return and supply vents for dust accumulation to get a better idea.


Air ducts can become attractive homes for insects, mice and other small animals that leave behind biological contaminants and droppings. If you suspect this is the case, be mindful of scratching noises, droppings and materials that appear chewed up.

Health Issues

Dirty ducts can lower the air quality of your home, and you might witness your household members having runny noses and coughing more than usual. Ongoing ailments include respiratory infections, itchy skin, allergies and asthma episodes.

Abnormal Smells

Any musty smells from your vents are usually attributed to biological contaminants. A rotten odor could mean rodents have died in your ducts. If you have a consistent unpleasant odor, contact a professional for a maintenance appointment to determine the cause.

Construction and Renovations

Even the most diligent of contractors leave some dust behind after their work, and running your HVAC system during construction, renovations and home improvement means some debris goes into the system. Projects such as these can leave particulate matter behind that you don’t want your household members inhaling.

Maintaining your ducts is important for your health and your HVAC system. Contact Beaver Heating & Air for all your home’s duct cleaning needs in Yuba City, CA.

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