Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Yuba City, CA

If you have a ductless mini-split in your home in Yuba City, CA, you’re likely enjoying the benefits of its efficiency, power and small size. Still, as with any piece of equipment, you’ll need to prepare for those rare but inevitable moments when your mini-split malfunctions. Here’s some information on how to troubleshoot various ductless mini-split issues.

Refrigerant Leaks

Since refrigerant may harm those who inhale too much of it, you cannot afford to postpone taking action over a leak. Not only does refrigerant pose a significant danger to your health, but it can also cripple your mini-split’s ability to function by greatly diminishing its power to perform heat transfer. Though your system may have sensors that can alert you to a refrigerant leak, you should look out for telltale signs like a hissing noise or the smell of ether or chloroform.

Given the dangers involved, the only thing to do in response to this problem is to evacuate your home and call a trained HVAC service technician for assistance. The service technician should be able to fix everything as part of maintenance work.

Poor Airflow

Various things may restrict the level and quality of airflow in your mini-split, but the two main things to pay attention to are fans and filters. Regarding the fans, either one or more of their blades have come loose, or there are underlying electrical or mechanical problems with the system’s blower. For this, you’ll need to request repairs from a service technician.

By restricting airflow, dirty filters can harm your system’s functioning in a great many ways. Luckily, you can avoid this by cleaning the filter every month.

Ductless Water Leaks

The air handlers in your mini-split will generate condensate as they work, but your system should be able to remove that water without issue. Water leaks happen when this drainage system malfunctions. For example, there may be a crack in your drain pan or an obstruction in the drain line, which a service technician will have to fix.

With enough awareness and knowledge, you’ll be able to tackle many difficulties with your mini-split. For everything else, call Beaver Heating & Air and ask for ductless AC services.

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