Why Invest In a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Installation

If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, consider a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installation. Heat pumps help homeowners stay comfortable in a sustainable way. The temperate climate in Yuba City, CA, makes a heat pump installation a perfect choice. Read on to learn the benefits of installing a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump in your house.

Energy-Efficient Climate Control

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps provide modular zone-by-zone comfort using ductless mini-split systems. You can create up to eight different climate control zones around your house. Each zone will feature an indoor air handler and thermostat, allowing you to only heat or cool areas you or your loved ones are occupying.

Environmental Responsibility

Yuba City, CA, homeowners worry about their impact on the environment. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps use renewable energy from the air to condition your home, reducing greenhouse emissions. Additionally, some Mitsubishi Electric heat pump models come equipped with eco-friendly refrigerants, which lessen your impact even more.

Advanced Heat Pump Technology

A Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installation includes many hi-tech features, including:

  • 3D i-see Sensor: Scans rooms, monitors occupancy in individual zones and adjusts airflow and temperatures for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Instant Hot Start: Prevents the fan from blowing cold air into your house. By waiting until the heat exchanger is hot, you receive warm air right away.
  • H2i® Technology: Hyper-heating technology provides 100% heating capacity as low as 5° F outside and reliable heating as the temperature drops to -13° F.
  • Whisper Quiet: Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are quieter than a human whisper, working in harmony with ductless air vents and vibration dampeners.
  • Air Filtration: Enjoy cleaner and healthier indoor air with advanced filtration that captures allergens, bacteria, odors and other contaminants.

Do you want to learn more about our exclusive collection of Mitsubishi Electric products we carry and install for our customers? Contact Beaver Heating & Air to invest in an energy-efficient heat pump installation today.

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